Strange sights from around the world

Traversing continents and cultures will inevitably lead to more or less of a culture shock. What is bizarre for a westerner may be completely normal for a person from a developing country and vice versa. But sometimes, 'weird' transcends cultural borders.

Most of the time, it is impossible to capture the moment or the scene, so most such experiences are just memories. Photos that follow are of those rare occasions when I did manage to capture the moment before it was gone.

Varanasi Ghats

Quintessential Varanasi - pilgrims and tourists oblivious to the dead body floating nearby. On the subsequent trip to Varanasi, I saw a corpse of a newborn baby floating by. Unburnt body parts can also be seen floating down the river.

two adults and three kids on a scooter

Whole family on a scooter is a common scene anywhere in SE Asia.

lady riding sidecar with no seat, just flat wooden surface

Somewhere on Sumatra.

elaborately decorated rickshaws

Malacca rickshaws come in many forms and shapes, "Hello Kitty" is probably among most popular.

lady and cow sleeping leaning onto each other in the middle of a street

So happy together, sleeping in the middle of a street in Varanasi, India.

Money looking at weird tourists

Monkey enjoying people watching (actually crazy backpacker watching).

Overloaded trucks are common on Indian roads

Overloaded truck with wheels barely protruding, are a common sight in India.

Painted Cow roaming Varanasi alleys

Holi cow - Holi is a major Hindu festival.

Yamanotri pilgrims

Pilgrims on the way to Yamanotri do not need to walk, just need money to pay someone to carry them.

old cars partially burried

American car art, Nevada desert.

abandoned car with graffiti all over it

Australian car art, outback.

superkarket shelves full of various vodka brands

Amazing selection of vodkas in Armenia.

milk-drink bottles on a supermarket shelf

Camel and horse milk for sale in a Kyrgyz supermarket.

Arch made of antlers

Hunter's town - Jackson Hole.

strange sculpture

Nevada's desert art.

a person sitting in a big red armchain on a sidewalk

Street parking attendant in his seat in Karoo, South Africa.

a store called ISIS

Do sales proceeds go to ISIS? Shopping mall in Gabarone, Botswana.

a dilapidated building with Tesla sign on it

Musk would be so proud to see this Tesla shopping mall in a Zambian village.